Jewelry and art: in praise of detail

The Jewelry have been for more centuries the only and most beloved “fashion accessory” of the women the art it has been witness.

Before bags, before stiletto shoes, the object of desire of the female world it has been for more centuries the jewelry . Status symbol and symbol of the power of women belonging to the aristocracy world . For centuries the only fetish accessory, symbol of luxury and opulence in the times when kings and queens had empires without end. Witness of this “fashion” mania it have been the portraits, when the greatest painters of the period, were called in various royal courts to immortalize the most influential and richest noblewomen . An Overview of the jewels of the past accomplices masterpieces of world art. We start from the Renaissance. In the Renaissance the “must have” were the chunky and heavy gold chains , even among men , to emphasize their rank and importance of their role. The mesh of the chains were used as cash. Henry VIII was depicted with a chain of the exceptional weight of 3 kg , inlaid with rubies and pearls. Lorenzo Il Magnifico writes in his memoirs how he is honored to christen the children of Galeazzo Sforza , Duke of Milan : ” We gave the Duchess a gold necklace with a large diamond, which cost 3000 ducats, from which then ensued the lady wanted baptize all his other children”. The Noblewomen loved to wear pearl necklaces, only natural (the cultured pearls are “invented ” only in 1900 ) that cost a fortune. In the paintings of painters of the time almost all ladies wearing a necklace of pearls, which often adorn also the hair . Rubies , emeralds and pearls decorate the splendid garments . In this profusion of splendor strangely the earrings are almost always very simple, a thin gold ring with a beautiful pearl hanging well as the rings, sometimes worn at the the top portion of their fingers (and now  a big fashion hit with the “knuckle rings” mania).

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