Art of packing: the rules

Art of packing: The perfect rules for packing bags without scrunching clothes.

Step number one: organise your outfits on a day-by-day basis and according to each event (naturally you will already have some idea of how your holiday will pan out). Then make an initial selection which includes outfits and well combined, interchangeable accessories. This simple expedient will increase your travel wardrobe exponentially due to the different indomitable combinations it will create. Be it a metal trolley or a traditional leather suitcase, here the rule of Art of Packing:

shoes go in at the bottom (in appropriate cloth bags, and previously filled with paper in order to maintain their shape), then go in the jeans and items that can be crushed with no need for ironing, then any books, to create a first layer of heavy and cumbersome objects. If you can, place the soles of the shoes on the sides of the suitcase for better protection.

Jumpers and t-shirts should be rolled up, from the lower bottom edge to the neck, in order not to crease them, and lined up on the bottom of the suitcase. In this way you save space and once you get to your destination it is easy to find everything without delving into the different layers. Lingerie (not the silk and lace variety), swimwear and socks can be used to fill gaps, especially in shoes, and to reduce displacement. Belts should be placed lengthways along the sides of the suitcase, and not rolled up. Then come trousers and skirts which should be placed flat in the suitcase, leaving the lower part of the leg and the hem hanging over the edge. Within this layer you should place more delicate items such as dresses and lightweight tops wrapped up in tissue paper.

Then come shirts, which if made of poplin, should be folded leaving the collar upright. Jackets go in at the end (make sure you wrap up any buckles in tissue paper) and should be turned inside out, including the sleeves which go one inside the other and then folded. At this point you should fold inside the suitcase the edges of the trousers and skirts as though completing an origami, in this way they will remain perfectly straight and without creases. Lastly cover everything with tissue paper and fasten the internal belts. There you have it!

Extra tips for the right choice of the accessories to carry with you: an evening clutch in silver or gold, perfect for very important occasions as well as in day version with jeans and a t-shirt. For those of you that want to be bold opt for the versions completely encrusted in precious stones and crystals. A silk carré and a pashmina. The first to jazz up outfits, the second for sudden temperature fluctuations and for air conditioning inside airplanes. Mini shoulder bags and clutches in leather or reptile skin for daytime use and an easily foldable and multifunctional fabric shopping bag, perfect for the beach.

Jewellery: chunky colourful necklaces to use on their own are the best choice. No shortcuts as regards shoes: therefore flat sandals, even of the jewelled type, ballerinas and extremely high heels. And wedges are always fashionable. Yes to high belts, almost bustier like for wasp like waists, but watch out for proportions as they don’t do favours for short women.

Here a video of 2012 of Louis Vuitton Art of Packing for who prefers to watch than read

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