Bespoke: the world of luxury watch-making

The last frontier in the world of luxury? Bespoke watches

Some people prefer easily distinguishable clothes or accessories, possibly those worn by their acquaintances or friends, to reinforce the group affiliation, while others reject homologation. The last ones look for outfits by niche designers, customized services up to the elitist bespoke, where the product’s uniqueness is guaranteed. This demand is growing so much that every maison nowadays offers ad hoc services and it has also conquered the strict world of luxury watch-making, thanks to companies customizing and creating one-of-a-kind wrist jewels. Available also on-line.

Let’s start with the British: BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT They were the first ones, many years ago, to offer the bespoke service. Their motto? Exclusivity and individuality, guaranteed by reinterpreting the sports watches by the most renowned luxury brands, such as Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, etc. They have a series of pieces of these brands available on-line, already customized, or in the customizer section, where you can unleash your creativity on different Rolex models, plus an area devoted to special editions.

On the other hand, the Swiss of BLACK-OUT CONCEPT specialize in Rolex and Piguet (on-line you can try a combination of materials and colors). On the website, a series of already bespoke watches (from Bulgari to Le Coultre) is available, which can be further modified. The regulation color is black, shade that can also be used to coat cars and motorbikes in a matt version.

Black is the theme of TITAN BLACK as evoked by its name, a color used to differentiate models by Rolex, Piguet and Panerai, available to purchase. The site also provides a bespoke service. In the limited-edition area, you can find one-of-a-kind watches, such as Santos by Cartier or Lady B. by Bulgari.

PROJECT X DESIGN, instead, offers three services: bespoke, black out editions (original unworn luxury watches, on sale already customized) and limited editions (models of limited and numbered editions, naturally customized).



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