Church’s: how to take care of…

The simple rules for take care of your beloved Church’s

Church’s, between other selected British names, often unknown, is one of the most popular male shoe brands. The UK is home to brogue and laced shoes; an essential part of any busi- ness man’s uniform. Church’s was founded in 1873 by the Church brothers, still produces its shoes in the Northampton historical site; famous for shoe making since Cromwell and the Civil War. The growing number of Church’s admirers often collects various models, while there is a female public, as women often plagiarize mens’ items, that is going wild with the more aggressive models like the studded Church’s; now a must of any true fashion victim.

The wear and tear of these shoes does not alter their appeal, on the contrary it enriches it, as long as there is a basic care. Like every ritual there are strict rules to follow for take care of your Church’s. Before wearing them you must always clean them. The leather soles are natural, flexible and allow perspiration. In order to harden the shoe soles and reduce water entrance, we advise to wear them the first time when the weather is dry. The upper part of the Church’s must be regularly treated with specific coloured waxes and creams; it is important to select the closest colour to the shoe, when in doubt, it’s always better to opt a neutral choice.

Varnished Church’s not only look nice, but also preserve better; the varnish film protects the shoes from water stains. With suede Church’s it is important to use appropriate brushes, avoid humidity and water, and always leave them to dry at room temperature, away from any heat source. Stains must be removed either with a specific cleaner or by delicately rubbing the shoes with an abrasive sponge. When not wearing your Church’s it is essential to keep them on a shoetress; especially if they need to dry, as it maintains the original shape and avoids the leather splitting.

Always use a shoe horn when putting them on as it reduces the risk of ruining the buttress. It is good practice to use the appropriate given woven bag when putting away your Church’s, and make sure you always keep them in a dry place. It is advised to wear Church’s shoes on alternate days to guarantee better endurance. Last point: check often your soles and when they are too thin take them to the offered Church’s repair service.

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