Interesting blogs: Peace Love Chanel

The most interesting blogs found on the web by the editors. Peace Love Chanel blog review.

There are several interesting blogs on the web. Many are fashion blogs, almost all talk about one of the most loved fashion houses of luxury accessories: Chanel. But one is completely dedicated to Chanel. A declaration of love of a Australian estimator, that lasts for years, even if the great love seems to have come to the end.


A classic blog from tumblr with clean graphics, the blogger is an Australian girl. Comments are kept to a minimum, sometimes just simple captions. Here images speak, including the photos of Chanel’s fashion shows, street style and vintage pics and off course the pics of Choupette, the Karl Lagerfeld’s pet, the most famous cat of the world. In recent months the blog it has become boring because they just publish only the photos of the fashion shows, but the archive is rich of images. The lovers of French fashion house, will find many interesting photos to post on social media pages or to keep as a personal archive. We are sorry that this blog, after so many years, has an uncertain future perhaps because, as she wrote in a recent post,  she is tired to post only pics of Chanel. End of a love?


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