Sneaker: all you need to know

Sneaker: from the on-line female only sneaker store to virtual sneaker museum





Sneaker: there are those who collect them or those who have at least one couple. From sports shoe, to cult phenomenon among fashionistas, especially after that Chanel brought them on the catwalk. Everything you need to know about the sneaker world.

Not all women loves pink, wear sexy dresses and stiletto heels, there are those women, and are many, who love he sportswear, and instead of wear uncomfortable shoes prefer the comfort of  sneaker. Female Sneaker Fiend will make the joy of who love this kind of shoes, because as you can guess from the title this site is dedicate only to women who love the sneaker . Here fans and collectors of this type of sports shoes meet in forums and discuss their passion. Access denied to boys .

Sneaker Freaker it was the first independent glossy magazine devoted to sneaker culture phenomena.  A monograph stuffed with interviews, beautiful pictures and  edited by lovers and fans, not only by professional journalists, as you would expect.  The magazine was launched in 2002 in Australia and is a cult phenomenon, sold in 40 countries and in the coolest concept stores on the planet.

Strange but true. Sneaker Pimps World Tour is the world’s largest sneaker show, which travels around the globe, definitely outside the box. Everything revolves around the exposure of 1,500 pairs of sneakers, limited editions, rare, autographed by celebrities and collaborations with artists. But, to the dismay of fans the shoes are not for sale. Of contour to exposure, art installations, live performance hip-hop, and demonstrations of street basketball and skateboarding.

Kicks-Box  is a virtual sneaker museum and a window for collectors from all around the world. Our websites features collections from the smallest collectors, to people with a worldwide reputation in the sneaker game. More than 5.000 members, of all around the world, and each one has uploaded the photos of their sneakers. There is also a sction where is possible to buy new and pre-owned sneakers.

No Boys Allowed is a on-line female sneaker store. Hundreds of models of differents colors and brands. A shopping paradise for the lovers of the sneakers

Girls Got Kicks is the first ever photo documentary told from a unique angle: the passion for sneakers of a group of female. With hundreds of female sneaker fiends from around the globe, the book documents how these sneaker lovers use kicks to be both athletic and sexy, hip and tomboyish, grown and youthful, as they define who they are—and who women can be—on their own terms. Written by the founder of, Lori Lobenstine.

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