Sneakers fever

Sneakers: the last must have of every fashionista.

The trend was in the air. Already from last season in fact during the fashion week some bloggers like Susie Lau of Style Bubble and some fashion editors had been spotted with colored sneackers at the foot , instead of the usual stiletto. Not the ones with the heels hidden inside, like the Isabel Marant model that the past years has become a cult classic and has given rise to millions of clones, but rather the classic sneackers like the white one of Adidas. But it has been Karl Lagerfeld who has brought the sports shoe to the Olympus on the catwalks of Chanel Haute Couture by mating the wool bouclé suit, the evening dress with feathers and sequins, and even the wedding dress with a pair of lace, or embroidered sneackers. Transforming the sneackers in a must-have accessory. The dream sneakers for us because if you want to have those shoes you have to buy the whole look ( and we are talking about prices in excess of € 20,000). But then, plot twist, Karl Lagerfeld has done paraded, new sneackers also in the collection of Chanel fall winter 2014, and we are sure that will be the new fetish of the season. For those who are fed up of heels it is time to dare, as it is no longer a heresy to think of the classic sneakers, to wear with classic pieces.

Choose a cult model

From the Adidas in white leather to the Nike’s super colorful, of the latter there are dozens of models, customizable on their web site, according to your desires and tastes. Up to the models of fashion houses such as Pierre Hardy, Giuseppe Zanotti Design. Not to mention the Vans and similar models made ​​by Celine, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, and still others. The list of designer labels they have in the catalog the sneakers gets longer by the day .

You now can wear the sneakers…

With the classic coat, the trench coat of Burberry, a classic suit, but also with midi skirts, for to make them contemporary, playing also and especially on the colors. Remember that a pair of colorful sneakers breaks the monotony of a basic look and also of the total black look and makes it less serious and boring,

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