Turbans: a always glamour accessory

We love the turbans: the always stylish accessory to wear everyday. And we and we love those of Flapper, an Italian brand an italian brand specialized in turbans, headbands and hats

Some have made it their trademark. Look at the sophisticated Australian designer, Catherine Baba. The Paris-based darling of street style fashion blogs is hardly ever photographed without a turban – she has collection of them in different fabrics and colours. The turbans designed by Flapper are particularly intriguing for their contrast with fabrics. Wear them with your standard issue sunglasses. They’re perfect for playing the diva. The Italian brand takes its inspiration from the “flappers” of the 20s, girls who rebelled against the conventions of the time. They wore their hair short, smoked, drank and refused to wear uncomfortable clothes, corsets especially.

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