Book Questionnaire: Bruno & Ines

Bruno Frisoni and Ines Inès De La Fressange: Q & A about their favorite books

From favourites to the less interesting. Bruno Frisoni, Creative Director of Roger Vivier, and Inès De La Fressange, the fashion house’s muse and brand ambassador,  on the theme of the books. And for those who still had not read it yet do not miss the monograph on Roger Vivier, published by Rizzoli, full of original sketches and photographs of amazing accessories collections, past and present.

What kind of books do you like?
I: I love books about buddhism, spirituality or old classic novels
B: Biographie, Historical based novel.

What book’s on your bedside table?
I: “Mémoires d’Outre-Tombe”, François- René de Chateaubriand.
B: “Un libertin dans l’Inde Mogol”, François Bernier.

What book do you love re-reading?
I: “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” the style is perfect.
B: “Memoirs of Hadrian”, Marguerite Yourcenar.

What book haven’t you finished?
I: “The Man Without Qualities” Robert Musil
B: “The Elementary Particles”, Michel Houellebecq.

What was the most boring book you’ve ever read?
I: It was so boring I can’t even remember the tittle!
B: Never remember what’s boring…

Can you recommend us a book?
I: “The Bad Girl “ Mario Vargas Llosa.
B: “Oublier Palerme”, Edmonde Charles-Roux.

What book would you take with you to a desert island?
B: “The Possibility of an Island”, Michel Houellebeck.
I: “In Search of Lost Time”, Marcel Proust. It’s long it will take time and even If I will finish it I can reread it!

What book, if any, changed your life?
I: My agenda!
B: “Réveillon à Tanger”, Paul Bowles.

What’s your favourite bookshop?
I: Galignani.
B: La Hune, Galignagni.

Who’s your favourite author?
I: Stephan Zweig.
B: Marguerite Yourcenar, Gore Vidal.

What about a book close to your heart?
I: “The idiot”, Fëdor Dostoevskij.
B: “Perfume”, Patrick Suskind.

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