Cesare Casadei: I love music

From the first record he bought to the song he sing in the shower; the world of music of Cesare Casadei

“My days begin and end to the beat to music. I’m appasionate about 70s disco, rock, funk and jazz. I experience music every day in different ways, depending on my state of mind: it’s always been a part of me and my collections. For the autumn-winter season I’ve been inspired by Chrissie Hynde, the leader of the Pretenders, and Blondie. The songs I went back to were Brass in the Pocket and the iconic Call Me. Some of the pointed flats designs were inspired by the New Wave period, as was the mondo amazzone cittadino. Both are unusual for Casadei, but are definitely my favourites! Of course I’m totally thrilled when my creations are worn by pop stars, especially in their videos. When I saw Beyoncé in a pair of Casadei cuissardes in the trailer for her 2013 world tour, the Mrs Carter Show, it was a magical moment for me because of my wholehearted, unconditional love for the music world”. Cesare Casadei

The world of the music of Cesare Casadei the man behind the luxury footwear brand Casadei.

The song I most often sing in the shower. “Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day” by Morcheeba.

A song from my childhood. “Jesahel” by the Deliriums and Thelma Huston’s “Don’t Leave Me This Way” from when I was a teenager.

My first concert. Rockets!

The singer I was fanatical about when i was a teenager. Donna Summer.

The song that reminds me of the happiest times in my life. “Ain’t We funkin’ now” by The Brothers Johnson.

Among the pop stars who have worn Casadei, my favourite is… Madonna, for her versatility – she’s a true chameleon. The song I love the most from all the ones she’s recorded is Justify My Love.

The first song i danced to in a disco. “Lady Marmalade” by Patti LaBelle.

But when i’m working on a new collection…I prefer silence: I have music inside!

The song that expresses my first love affair. “No Woman No Cry” by Bob Marley.

I love dancing but…Only at private parties with selected DJs, surrounded by friends and with my love.

The first record I bought. “Trans Europe Express” by Kraftwerk.

My favourite artist. James Brown.

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