Dolce & Gabbana: Anatomy of a dress

Lack lace, bustier, petticoat, the ultra feminine clothing of Dolce & Gabbana have entered our collective imagination. The two designers go head to head with the festish items in their collection.

The word “dress” makes you think of that of men, or that of women?
DD: Of a perfect jacket for men as well as of a lace dress. SG: Why choose?

Do you remember your mother’s dress that you liked the most?
SG: Yeah, a black dress with white polka dots. DD: A black suit that she wore with a lace veil on Sunday to go to mass.

Has it ever occurred that you follow with a glance a dress of a stranger you encounte- red in the street?
SG: Yeah, for sure. DD: Always.

The first dress that you designed.
SG: The geometric shaped outfits of our first collection. DD: I can say that the first piece I created was: a pair of pants when I was six…

The most beautiful gown you’ve ever created.
DD: We can’t answer this question. While we were drawing them, we liked them all.

A dress that impressed you in a movie.
SG: Definitely the dress worn by Claudia Cardinale in the famous dance scene in the film “The Leopard.” DD: The petticoat that Anna Magnani wore in Luchino Visconti’s film “Bellissima”.

A dress that impressed you in a painting
SG: The dress painted by Alma Tadema in the piece called “Ask Me No More”. DD: All the dresses painted by Tamara de Lempicka.

A dress of the past that you would’ve wanted to design.
SG: The clothes worn by women in the Court of the Sun King. DD: The tuxedo for women.

A dress for “all occasions” that all women should have in their wardrobe.
SG: A dress in black lace. DD: A tailored suit.

The color you prefer and a color you hate.
SG: I don’t hate any colors, there are colors that I wouldn’t wear because they aren’t good on me. I love ruby red and black. DD: Black.

The fetish fabric of your dress.
DD: Brocade for women and velvet for men. SG: Lace for women and for me too velvet for men.

What is the dress, you’d most like to be remembered for, in the history of fashion?
DD: More than a dress, we would like to be remembered for our style.

The fabric that is better suited to the construction of a dress.
DD: Masculine fabrics generally tend to lend themselves the best.

Is there a period of history in which you particularly liked the style of clothes?
SG: The 50’s.

The creative process behind one of your dresses: does the inspiration start with a color, a type of fabric or with..?
SG: It starts from a series of images. Our collections begin as real movies with a story, and its characters.. The inspiration itself can come from many things, from the people we see walking down the street, from a movie we saw, from a book, from a song. DD: All of the impulses we get, mingle with our sartorial tradition, Italian culture and the DNA of our brand, to create something completely different and new.

A particular style of dress that you don’t like.
SG: There is none. It all depends on how and by whom it is worn.

The sexiest dress is backless or low cut?
DD: Definitely low cut.

The detail that you double-check before you send one of your dress out on the catwalk.
SG: All of them! We double-check everything, leaving no stone unturned.

The dress that made you suffer and stress the most.
DD: I don’t remember one in particular… at the moment there are collections that are born easily and others that require more. SG: And others still that we’ve changed and overhauled in just a few hours before a show.. But all these things are forgotten as soon as you start working on the next one.


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