Fashion designer Interviews: Victoria Beckham

In our column “Fashion designer interviews” meet the über chic Victoria Beckham. From pop star to successful designer.

For many, she’s still the former Spice Girl and wife of the divine David. In fact, Victoria Beckham has long since changed outfits. She’s shed the layers of trendsetter and shopaholic, immersing herself into the role of fashion and accessory designer and has done it so well that since her debut, she has received the applause from her people (her creations are constantly sold out) and from figures in the industry.  Not to mention receiving the prestigious British Fashion Award as “Designer Brand”, an honor bestowed to the most important fashion designers, launching into orbit Victoria’s star. In our column: Fashion designer interviews meet the über chic designer.

Since you’re an accessories lover, why did you sketch a ready-to-wear collection and not a shoes line?
Primarily I design what I want to wear and what I imagine the VB woman would like to wear. We have the RTW, Victoria, Victoria Beckham line, the denim line, bags, sunglasses and now an optical line… the development of everything already is so exciting for me. Regarding shoes I collaborate with Manolo Blanihk for the show. I love what he does, and the shoes are the perfect complement to the ready to wear collection.

Doing your job, what do you really love and what you can’t really endure?
Developing this collection has been an incredibly exciting time for me and I’ve challenged myself to create something that embodies my aesthetic. It’s true that like for every mother, it’s difficult to work and raise children at the same time It takes a lot of juggling.

In an interview of yours, you stated you often like to buy on Net-à-Porter: that’s because you save time this way or do you especially love having shopping online?
I love Net-a-porter. When the children are in bed, I can spend time looking at the site. I love the idea that you can try things on, quietly in your own home and just send back whatever doesn’t work. Its total freedom and it saves time.

Favorite App.
Best Baby Monitor app.

Which movie would you propose to each fashion lover?
Diana Vreeland documentary by Lisa Immordino Vreeland: Diana Vreeland, The Eye Has To Travel. Absolutely inspiring.

About beauty: do you have any ritual habits early in the morning personal trainer, or hairdressing or having a manicure or something like that?
My secret is planning. The night before, I work out what I want to wear.

Two things you couldn’t live without…
My amazing family and friends; I am truly blessed with both.




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