Marni: Consuelo e Carolina Castiglioni & the world of art

Consuelo is the mind and the Creative Director of Marni, her daughter Carolina is the Director of Special Projects for the family fashion house. Together they share their love for their work, for fashion but most of all for art, inspiration for their collections, theme of Anticamera, an online quarterly magazine of their brand

Ms. Castiglioni, how important is art as an inspiration for your work? Consuelo: It’s very important. Art is one of many passions, and I often go to art galleries to discover new artists or to see the works of my favorite artists.

Carolina, where was your passion for art born? I grew up in a family where art was always very present. I share my mother’s curiosity and the quest for new artists.

From Richard Prince to Rop Van Mierlo, how do you find the artists with which you collaborate? Consuelo: It depends. At times a specific image, taken from a book or seen in a gallery, remains imprinted in my mind and from there the idea is born to begin a collaboration. In other cases, we do research mostly of emerging artists and we ask them to give us their vision of Marni, tied to a specific project. Some examples are the exhibit “The Art of the Portrait”, a project realized for the Marni Edition stores or the ads for the launch of

Who is the most interesting artist you have collaborated with? Consuelo: All of our collaborations have been interesting and gratifying. Every time, it’s exciting to see how our vision comes together with that of the artist.

Is there a particular work of art that inspires or has evoked your emotions? Consuelo: The works of Cindy Sherman excite me. Carolina: The works of Jack Vettriano excite me.

Where did the idea for “Anticamera” come from? Carolina: In 2006 we were the first to open an online store where the sales included all the categories of our products. In September 2011 we launched our new website a single site that includes shopping and information on our brand. Anticamera is an online quarterly magazine linked on Each issue is a project in itself, which changes layouts, content and navigation. We choose a theme connected to Marni and we develop its content. An important aspect is the collabora- tion with emerging or unknown artists. The key elements of these partnerships are the exchanges between Marni and the artists, working together on the same project. The goal of the magazine is to give an up close and intimate look at the inner workings of Marni.

The first museum you visited together? MOMA in New Yor, Museum of Modern Art.

Do you both have the same artistic taste? Yes. Basically we do.

What young artist are you looking to work with at this time? Hard to say, there are so many.

Do you prefer informal or figurative art? Generally I prefer figurative art, but it depends on the opera.

Your favorite color. We don’t really have a favorite color. We like color in general and the combinations between them.

Of the various art forms, such as theatre, dance, opera, which do you prefer? Cinema.

Marni supports children with ad hoc projects like “Children’s Imaginary World”, is there any other cause you care about?
We have always supported the world of children with our special projects in Marni Charity. We like to connect our charity projects, such as the Mobile Fair and the Art Basel & Design Miami Exhibit to the real world and to local structures.

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