Mira Duma: our interview with the Russian fashion icon

‘It girl’, former editor of Harper’s Bazaar Russia and now owner of Buro 24/7. Mira Duma is a fashion icon, stalked by fashion photographers and one of the “Queen” of street style blogs.

First fashion memory.
One of my first memories is a dress I got as a little girl. It was a special frilly dress that that made me feel like a princess.

An old accessory that you’re particularly fond of and continue to wear.
My Tom Binns necklaces, my chunky cork Louboutin heels.

As for accessories,what brand name appears most often in your wardrobe?
Marni, Tom Binns, Chanel, Lanvin, Balenciaga.

How did the idea of Buro 24/7 begin?
I have always been a fan of print media, but I realised that the future really lies in Internet. In Russia for example, people would search sites online looking for various kinds of news and there was really not one place that could give you wholesome information that would put you in “the know” of everything interesting that happens in the world of fashion, arts, culture, cinema, music, lifestyle, social life and everything that should be of interest to a young, educated and proactive person. It is easy quick as it solves a problem of being stuck in traffic jams, or carrying around heavy piles of print media. you can be in Africa, Italy or America and be able to stay in the know with the help of Buro24/7. After I launched the site we watched how successful we were becoming and how many letters and queries I was receiving from all over the world I realised that I have made the right choice. We already launched a Croatian site based in Zaghreb solely license based, and are now working on an English version. Soon we will be lincensing versions in Asia, Ukraine, Khazakhstan, ‘Middle East, Austria and Australia. I hope more partners and versions are coming.

What are the next projects of Mira Duma?
I’m always working on a few projects at the time. We are also working with all the major luxury retailers in Russia, arranging different projects all the time. I’m also the founder of a charity foundation, with the goal of helping sick children, orphans and the elderly; so there is always something in the works, planning, organizing and developing.

Your favorite web site.
Buro 24/7 of course!

As for style icon, who is the style icon of Mira Duma?
The people I admire the most are my family. People who I admire for personal style are people who really made a difference in the world of fashion, with their unforgettable elegance, boldness, uniqueness or true creativity shining through their personal expression. Some of these people amongst others are Princess Grace, Jaqueline Kennedy, Coco Chanel, Tilda Swinton, Diane Kruger, Chloë Sevigny, Taylor Tomasi Hill and many more…

A Russian designer you love and a new accessory designer to watch.
I love my friends Vika Gazinskaya and Ulyana Sergeenko. I also love designs by Aleksandr Terekhov. A young accessories line to watch is by a talented young Russian designer: Volha by O Prokopova.

Do you collect anything?
in terms of fashion it would be necklaces-that is my absolute obsession.

Is it the case for you, as other mothers, to reap the greatest satisfaction shopping for your child?
I absolutely LOVE shopping for my son, actually more than shopping for myself. It brings me the greatest joy to buy clothes and toys for him and every city I go to I run to toys stores and childrens stores.

Your favorite iPhone application.
Instagram. I can say that I have a mild obsession.

The movie that inspired you.
Dinasty from 80’s, Pretty woman which I absolutely love and many more.


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