Giannico: fairy tale shoes

Interview with the youngest and talented shoes designer of the moment: Nicolò Beretta, who with its brand Giannico, is ready is ready to conquer the hearts, and credit cards, of the shoes addicted

Nicolò Beretta has only eighteen but is destined to become the new idol of the women (practically all) who have a passion for shoes. Nicolò made ​​his debut last September during Fashion Week in Milan and Paris with his brand Giannico and immediately made ​​his mark.  Great talent and determination for the italian designer, who grew up in a cosmopolitan environment, and always knew from an early age what he wanted to do. Jailbird was the meeting with Manolo Blahnik and Franca Sozzani, in 2011, when he showed them his sketches, receiving positive and encouraging feedback. Then he decide to found the brand Giannico; luxury shoes, made with precious materials and produced entirely in Italy. On his future he has clear ideas: to continue to design and produce shoes and start a training program at the prestigious Central Saint Martins of London, a source of the greatest talents in the fashion world, the goal is to become a fashion designer in the round.

First memories related to the world of footwear.
The glass shoes of Cinderella in Walt Disney films, has always been my favorite fairy tale.

First pair of shoes you’ve drawn.
I don’t remember exactly but probably the shoes for Cinderella at the age of 4 years.

How did the idea of designing your own line and why only footwear?
The idea of ​​my brand was born when I met Manolo Blahnik and Franca Sozzani in London. I had the wonderful opportunity to show them my portfolio and the positive energy that they sent me has impressed me so much that I have since decided to create Giannico.

Is there any designers of the past who has inspired you?
I am constantly inspired by the designers of the past and present. As a young designer I feel compelled to observe those who have more experience than me to learn.

A movie of the past with fabulous shoes.
Luis Bunuel’s Belle de Jour, the shoes were designed by Roger Vivier in person.

There is a painting or a sculpture that has you struck for the footwear worn?
The portraits of Louis XIV, has always had fantastic shoes!

Favorite materials.
Calf leather, python and fur.

A model of shoes that you will never design.
Ugly shoes.

A model of shoes that you would like to have created.
Ballet shoes.

The shoe designer who admires.
Manolo Blahnik.

First pair of shoes purchased.
The first pair that I bought was a pair of pony leopard print slippers by Jimmy Choo.

Last pair of shoes purchased.
A pair of slippers made ​​to measure in our factory inspired to my latest collection.

How many shoes do you own?

Favorite accessory.

Do you often turn around to look at the shoes worn by the women that you meets on the street?
Always, for me it is very important to see what the women are wearing.

The model of shoe that every woman should have in her wardrobe.
A woman should have hundreds of models of shoes!

You can’t live without …

Favorite movie.

Favorite store.
Dover Street Market.

Favorite website or blog.

Favorite App.



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