Paula Cademartori: talent on the rise

A chat with the young and the talented bag designer Paula Cademartori

Contemporary forms mixed with unusual colours and materials: the bags of Paula Cademartori are the latest craze with fashion editors and street stlye blog stars; from Miroslava Duma to Anna Dello Russo. Her handbags combines the charm of artisanal elegance with luxurious materials and sophisticated colors. Not bad given that the brand was launched only few years ago by this young designer, of Italian-Brazilian origin, based in Milan.

Your first fashion memory.
My grandmother’s shoes and jewellery. I loved them and would play with them constantly.

The first pair of shoes and bag that you bought.
A pair of Pierre Hardy sandals and a vintage Gucci bag.

The first bag you designed.
A shopping bag, made for a special project for my Master in accessories in Milan.

What made you choose to create only bags, when all the other designers are turning their attention to shoes?
I have a strong passion for shoes, but I have always believed that bags represent something more. They are a status symbol and they are the accessory where we place all the important objects of our daily lives, to have them with us always.

What is so particular about your creations that inspires women to buy your bags?
They are bags whose line and volume transcends time, made contemporary and suitable for the requirements of the modern woman. They are therefore functional and of very high craftsmanship.

An accessory designer that you admire.
Manolo Blahnik for not having ever betrayed his spirit and his creative vision.

Your fetish accessory.
A crocodile skin bag.

Can’t live without.
A manicure.

Your latest purchase.
The Atollo 233 lamp by the designer Vico Magistretti.

The difference in style as far as accessories are concerned, between Italian and Brazilian women.
I think that Italian women are more circumspect and not so colourful in matching colours, while Brazilian women experiment more with different fabrics and prints.

Your icon.
Rita Hayworth, a real example of elegance and class.

A film which has been a source of inspiration.
‘Mary Poppins’ more than anything else. Info:

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