Tory Burch: One of us

A beautiful and successful woman but not only. Why Tory Burch is one of us. The world of the designer in an interview outside the schemes …

Beautiful, young and successful. Tory Buch loves fashion without taking it too seriously, she designs collections with women in mind, and once away from the drawing board she has other priorities – her treasured children, her family and her friends. Perhaps it is because of this that in the few years since the launch of her label, her brand has become an international success.

First fashion memories.
My parents would always dress up to go out at night. They have always had an innate sense of taste and I particularly remember the evening gowns my mother would wear, perhaps because as a teenager I was a real tomboy. I remember the first special outfit I wore when I was seventeen. It was an Yves Saint Laurent gown that my mother gave me for my high school graduation.

An old accessory that you still wear.
A pendant that my father designed for his mother in the shape of a sunflower, which has become the symbol of the Foundation (a fund raising initiative to help women entrepreneurs through micro financing).

The favourite accessories in your closet?
A gold minaudière of my mother’s. Glasses, which I always wear. A gold chain with a horn pendant which a friend of mine gave me.

What should a woman never wear?
There are no rule but I think you should wear what is right for your age. It is not nice to see mutton dressed as lamb and vice versa. You should also avoid the runway effect, namely taking the look straight off the catwalk, accessories and all.

An accessory you will never wear.
Most definitely never an ankle chain.

Things that you like to do.
Hanging out with my kids and playing sports.

The movie with the best costumes?
Bonnie and Clyde.

Your favourite movie.
“A new leaf” with Walter Matthau, a 1970s film that is very funny and I must have seen fifty times.

Two of your favourite books?
“A hundred years of solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and “Tender is the night” by Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

Your favourite flower and your favourite flower shop.
I love flowers, specially poppies. My favourite flower shop is Zeze in New York.

Best flea market.
I love markets. I love those in Paris and the souks in Turkey and Morocco. But the one I prefer is the market in Marrakech.

Your favourite restaurant and your favourite dish.
Marea in New York (240 Central Park South) for its fresh fish and Il Pellicano (in Porto Ercole, Tuscany) for its shellfish.

Two things you can’t live without.
My kids, my family, my friends and music.

Your favourite make up item and favourite perfume.
La Mer foundation. I also like wearing Vetiver by Guerlain, the perfume that my father and brother use.

Would you share a secret address with us?
Neue Galerie in New York  a gallery with a fine art collection. And then the Frick, also in New York. The best museum. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A fashion advice of your mother.
My mother taught me less is more. She also said, “Wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you!'”

Your playlist on your iphone.
Varied, from Johhny Cash to Kanye West.

What do you collect?
Chinese porcelain, above all Imari vases.

One of your hobbies.
I like cross-stitch embroidery, which I learned from my parents who both love it. In my office there is a pillow embroidered by my father.

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