Alcohol sweet: Tequila lollipops & whisky pastilles

The world’s first edible alcohol sweet shop to open in London in time for Christmas…..

Launched in London  the last january  Smith & Sinclair is the world’s first and only alcoholic cocktail confectionery created by co-founder Melanie Goldsmith and Emile Bernard, both 26, who came up with the idea, as a way to let people experience alcohol in new ways. The two young entrepreneurs has taken the confectionery industry by storm, and their brand has been awarded with Most Innovative Confectionery at The International Food & Drink Event (IFE).

The alcoholic sweet pastilles retains from six to eight percent of alcohol by volume, a box of six equates to 2.6 units of alcohol, a first for a solid confectionery product. The pastilles are made using high quality spirits and also fresh fruit and real spices. Each cocktail recipe has been reconfigured through a complex cooking process created and patented by Emile and Melanie.  Since their debut Smith & Sinclair it has been sold in retailers such Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

The last news is that brand is due to open the world’s first edible alcohol shop, on the ground floor of Benefit on Carnaby Street from 18 November until Christmas Eve. The shop will sell a range of sweets, like tequila rum and gin lolliposps, vodka glasses made from edible candy floss (in flavours of black cherry and hibiscus or beetroot and bubblegum), cocktail fruit pastilles in whisky sour, spiced rum and gin and tonic flavours. Get drunk with fun….

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