Best blogs: Obsessionistas

To the discovery of the best blogs and web sites: Obsessionistas, an ever expanding gallery of collectors showcasing their collections online.

Maps of the London Underground , irons ’50s, sugar bags , bricks , boxes of toothpaste, adapter sockets , ties Mickey Mouse Christmas cards . And again porcelain flowers , insects (brr. .. ) , sunglasses , Barbie , stewardess uniforms , permanent markers , harmonics, comics and cuckoo clocks . The objects we choose to collect, tell us who we really are, and often the expression of that last bit of healthy (or almost) madness that keeps alive our creativity. In 2011 , intrigued by this strange form of ” mania” , Graham and Helen Powell launched ” Obsessionistas ” irresistible website dedicated to the world of collectors. Photographs, anecdotes and interviews that tell the story of thousands of items, from the “classics ” – tea sets and perfume bottles, the most unlikely – hair dryer vintage military and whistles . The gallery is constantly expanding : anyone can apply to join the project with your own collection. Try it!

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