Best chefs: Sriram Aylur

A conversation with Sriram Aylur, one of the best chefs of the world. He share with us his favorite addresses, tips and much more…

He is nicknamed the “King of Spices” and his restaurant, “The Quilon” is the first Indian restaurant ever to obtain the coveted Michelin star (in 2008) and remains to date the only restaurant in the world specialising in traditional northern Indian food to have a Michelin star. A conversation with Sriram Aylur.

A memory linked to a flavour.
The sweet smell of cardamom reminds me of the beautiful parts of the hilly region of Kerala.

A dish of your childhood.
Lots of Indian savoury dishes – banana chips, jack fruit chips, rmuruku (rice flour and lentil flour crisps).

Your favorite dish.
IDLI – Steamed rice dumplings of south India.

Your favourite dessert.
Baked fruit yoghurt.

The speciality of your restaurant not to miss.
Baked cod, kothu lamb, grilled scallops.

A dish that you don’t like and a dish that you would never cook.
Any dish with liver or kidney.

A dish that is suitable for every occasion.
Biryani – this is a one pot meal. It is a complete meal, has all the complexity which multiple dishes will have.

Your favourite wine and the best label.
Muddy Water Pinot Noir from New Zealand.

Your favourite cocktail and the best bar it is served in.
Passion fruit cacacha from Q Bar, Quilon’s new bar.

Your favourite food market.
Borough market and my local farmers market in Bromley .

Two ingredients you could never give up.
Coriander leaf and peppercorn.

The foreign country with the best cuisine.

Your favourite restaurant besides your own.
La Esquina in New York.

An obsession in terms of food.
Rice and lentils – simple and healthy, good balance of protein and carbohydrate, easy on the system, especially for somebody who eats at odd hours of the day.

A basic ingredient in the kitchen.

A daring accompaniment but one that works.
Cod fish with jaggery.

Would you share with our readers one of your secret food places?
Gandhi cash and carry on Thomas Road in east London. This can cater to all the needs for Indian cooking both for professional and amateur cooks. Their staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

Which chef would you like to cook you dinner?
My dad is the best chef in the world. His food brings back childhood memories.

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