Camping with style: Field Candy

The summer is the perfect time to camping, now you can do with style thanks to Field Candy

Hands up who has never spent the night in a tent. It is a common experience, maybe because camping rough is one of the milestones of every adolescent, and above all a symbol of freedom and adventure. What is certain is that the memory of the first night spent camping is more vivid than that spent in a hotel. It is difficult not to be overwhelmed by nostalgia but most of all by the irresistible and compulsive desire to buy one of the amazing tents made by Field Candy. The english company has given free rein to illustrators, photographers and designers who have given vent to their creativity, resulting in dozens of prints ranging from the recreational to the surreal which you cannot help but notice. Everything can be purchased easily through the website, the only pity is that what you buy is not delivered already assembled. Hands up who can pitch a tent at the first attempt…



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