Chefs’ Secret Weapon: Acquerello’s rice

Is one of the essential ingredients of the kitchen the world top chefs: Acquerello, the Rolls Royce of rice

It is grown, refined and packaged in Italy in the Tenuta Colombara owned by the Rondolino family. But what makes the “Acquerello” rice unique (of the Carnaroli variety, classified as ‘extra’ due to its quality) is that it is aged when is still crude for at least a year, then refined slowly using an exclusive method, and finally reinstated with his precious gem. In order to preserve it perfectly, for a perfect preservation, is vacuum packed in packs and cans. These characteristics have made it an indispensible ingredient for top-ranking world chefs, from Davide Oldani to Massimo Bottura or Alain Ducasse who described Acquerello rice it as the “Rolls Royce of rice”.

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