Confessions of an advertising man: Lorenzo Marini

Lorenzo Marini is a communications “guru”, whose career as an art director is dotted with hundreds of national and international awards. Prior to founding Lorenzo Marini Group, which is based in Milan and New York, he worked for the largest advertising agencies Italian. A man of great culture and with many interests alternates his work with writing (he is the author of several essays and novels), painting and directing, and manages to capture of everything that surrounds him the creative side. Meeting with a real creative.

First “creative” memories. Carousel, I watched him every night, at that time I was a student elementary school. I decided early on that I wanted to do that job and I never had a doubt.

An anecdote. I met a short time ago, the former CEO of a company of spirits who still remembered an old advertisement that I had created for them, “Fundador and Savor”, where a Japanese start to speak in Spanish  after drinking  the brandy Fundador.


The creativity in the days of the internet : strengths and weaknesses. Before the internet the TV was the most effective , because it was the only medium that could capture the sight and hearing . Now with new technology everything has become more animated and sound and the consumer can have an experience much more engaging . With the new media is no longer possible to think of a single message to promote a product but you have to think first of all on which of media will appear the product and then think about the message. The excess of the media , however, is causing a fragmentation of the message so that we remember the slogans of 20 years ago but not of these of today. Another consequence is the loss of memory ; we are bombarded with information , and we tend to only remember the last thing seen . Googling is a classic when we want to look for something or remember something, but google does not have all the answers and can not be our only source to retrieve the information . I think of the great men of advertising of the past that have shaped the history of this work, but as they does not appear on google are unknown to the younger generation or the paradox that a character like Napoleon Bonaparte has less space on wikipedia of other people less known but that has added a bio . As for social media I think that Facebook is becoming more and more gossip and exhibitionist , all talk and no one listens seriously. With the fragmentation there is no longer thought,  you live the eternal present .

The most creative people with whom he worked. They were creative but not in the classical sense, but people who work in nearby worlds; from architect to the chef. In my field instead Pino Pilla , who worked in tandem with me. In my opinion the most brilliant copywriter, ever had in Italy. It has been the author of historical advertising campaigns . It was a very introverted person , who had studied pharmacy, and he lived of synthesis

The advertising campaign that you would like to have invented. An American advertising of the 90s. A man with a gun to his nostril, he was an advertising campaign to fight  the abuse of cocaine. All shot in black and white. It was of big impact and very strong.

An advertisement that hit you recently. The advertising of a jeep . But for the most of the time you do not understand what it is , you see a mountain and something to dig under the snow and you think it’s an animal, then on top of the mountain there is a traffic light and finally you understand what it is because glimpse the jeep that comes out from the snow.

People born creative or they can become it? We are born creative but I think it could become , in fact , we should all become creative because you live a life more beautiful and colorful. Living life without trying uniqueness is an offense, as we are all unique and we must cultivate our uniqueness. Everything that surrounds us is creative. I look at everything and I try to find the thought behind every object , its past and its future , because everything has been thought of and I want to capture its essence.

A creative country. They are the creative areas of the planet where there is tolerance and cultural exchange as California There was born the hippies revolution, new age, the pc, things that have changed the world.

Three books to read : Autobiography of a Yogi , Paramahansa Yogananda, to open the spirit. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint -Exupéry to open the heart, Confessions of an advertising man of David Ogilvy to open your mind .

Three works of art to see. The last self-portrait by Rembrandt, the only where the artist smiles . At the time he was losing his sight and he had fallen into disrepair but in this last painting he smiles. The Still Life of Caravaggio,conserved to the all’Ambrosiano. It was the first still life art, that scandalized at that times the public, because he painted the rotten fruit and dried fruit. The paintings of Fontana for the spatial concept of freeing the painting from concept to copy nature .

Places to see. Taj Mahal mausoleum in white marble born of a love story. The California because it is the place of freedom of civilization, education and respect , the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam because I love the XVII century and is was where I set my historical novel , “Man of the tulips .” Puglia because the same day you can see the sunrise and sunset .

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