Eggs recipes: How to Boil an Egg

Whoops! There’s Only an Egg in the Fridge… Now What? Here the best eggs recipes.

Some women are the equals of the great Michelin-starred chefs in the kitchen. Others, despite their best efforts, can barely manage to cook an egg. It was in all likelihood this second group that inspired the British chef Rose Carrarini to write her latest book, engagingly titled How to Boil an Egg, published by Phaidon. It features 80 eggs recipes where the undisputed star is a basic foodstuff:. This complete, nutritious and versatile ingredient can be cooked in a whole variety of ways – there are simple, traditional recipes here, as well as ones that are more sophisticated and innovative. Needless to say here, even the least skilful will now have no more excuses for getting to grips with cooking.


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