Food Packaging: José Gourmet

Gourmand canned fish made in Portugal  with an incredible food packaging

The José Gourmet brand was born under the lucky star of a famous name. It shares it with the writer José Saramago, a Nobel prize-winner, and the charismatic football coach Josè Mourinho, who – just like this stylish gastronomical range – have brought “the best” of Portugal to the rest of Europe and around the world. The company relies on small local producers and selects only the highest quality products. They’re all strictly non- processed and made using raw materials obtained with “zero food miles”. Jams, conserves, olive oil and vinegar, wines and liqueurs grab the attention thanks to the packaging, which has been personalised with illustrations by 23 young Portuguese artists. The conservas de pescado (sardines, tuna and octopus) are truly irresistible. They’re perfect with a glass of chilled white wine for a last minute aperitif, or even just to guard jealously in the kitchen cupboard, like a collection of delicious works of art.


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