In the kitchen with Stuart Vevers

In the kitchen with Stuart Vevers, Executive Creative Director at Coach.


illustration Benjamin Seidler

Stuart Vevers is one of the talents of the fashion world, with a long career full of awards. His first job was at Calvin Klein followed by Bottega Veneta, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton where he worked with Marc Jacobs. He joined Mulberry as Creative Director in 2005 and was instrumental in the company’s success, transforming their leather goods into the must-have bags. In 2006, he won the British Fashion Council’s Accessory Designer of the Year award, and the next year he had been appointed Creative Director of Loewe, Since June 2013 is the Creative Director of the cult American brand Coach. Stuart Vevers share with us his perfect recipe of his favorite drink: the Martini cocktail. To try

A Martini

‘Of course there are many variations and its a much debated drink but this is how I do mine:’


Dry Vermouth
Green olives

Fill your shaker with 4 parts gin to 1 part dry vermouth. Add ice and stir well. Squeeze lemon peel over the glass then throw away. Finally add a green olive. I also like a sweet martini, which uses sweet vermouth instead of dry and is garnished with a cherry instead of an olive.

What makes a perfect accessory to go with a cocktail dress?

Where’s the best place in the world to have a cocktail?
I’m a big fan of Bar Cock in Madrid. Smart waiters and great space – it’s proper and old school. Of course it also has a great name.  But beware of the very generous measures!

What’s the best way to accessorize a hangover look?
Something distracting. Of course you can wear big sunglasses, but statement jewellery could work too.

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