Luxury: the last destination for the bespoke

The new luxury destination for the lovers of home’s forniture? Is on the web, where several craftsmen are waiting to realize your “bespoke” dreams.


What is the non plus ultra of luxury? Definitely made-to-measure. Whether it’s a dress or a bicycle, nothing is more exclusive that an object designed to satisfy the client’s specific requirements down to the last millimetre. Unfortunately, finding contact information for the best craftsmen is truly a job for 007. Sometimes the only way to get the “coordinates” is by using a password. So this site Bespokeglobal is brilliant idea. Specialising in design, it presents a series of artists and creators ready to provide a “bespoke” service. With carpets, lamps, chairs and writing desks, it’s perfect for anyone who dreams of a home “made in his – or her – own image”.

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