Patterns everywhere: Patternity website review

An amazing website, specialized in patterns only, with an incredible archive of pics.

The manifesto of this website start in this way “Patterns are something we come across every day. We wear them, we walk over them, we even eat, drink and think them – we always have and we always will – but it’s unlikely they demand too much of our attention…”. The Patternity website it reserve  a lot of attention to the patterns. Patternity is an amazing website, they have started to collecting amazing pics of patterns, not only the classic patterns printed on the fabrics,  but also other amazing pics of everything that reminds a print, including  some bizarre hairstyles.Their unique research archive, design studio and events, go beyond the surface, using pattern as a vehicle to engage, educate and inspire. Patternity it was founded in 2009 by two “cult pattern pioneers”; photographer/art director Anna Murray and surface/product designer Grace Winteringham, Patternity was born from a drive to use pattern as a tool to inspire, explore and innovate. Patternity has received international recognition for its authoritative approach to pattern, and after it has gain a reputation and a big success with their readers, they have started to produce some lovely pieces, which are inspired by the patterns that people see everyday. They’ve collaborated with several cool brands too. The most interesting part of this website is the research area, where once you have subscrive it, you can have the access to this incredible archive of pics to be inspired.

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