Terrariums: a truly work of art

A terrariums? A small garden in miniature.

“To have a nice garden isn’t easy: it is complex like governing a kingdom, Herman Hesse”. More than terrariums, those of Slug and Squirrell by Jose Agatep are miniature works of art. A bonsai garden, an oasis of pure poetry enclosed inside heirloom vessels. Jose began by giving them to his friends as gifts, then news spread by word of mouth and now his small works of art are sold in the cult shop Anthropologie. The containers, sometimes a combination of different vessels, are an assortment of vases, bottles and glasses found in flea markets. They are layered with locally grown plants and wild mosses, plucked from forests and along railway tracks, rich in bacteria and insects making the ecosystem of the terrariums so self- sufficient that to the great astonishment of their owners mushrooms have been known to sprout. The only drawback? You can purchase them only in the United States, where they are made​​, and only in a few stores as they are extremely fragile to ship.

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