Wine Questionnaire

The wine world seen from Federico Genta Ternavasio and Paolo Torretta of “My Tailored Wine”.

Be born in Piedmont predisposes to the worship of good food combined with the entrepreneurial genius? Apparently seem so, since both the creator of Slow Food and of Eat Italy are from the Piedmont. This is why the project My Tailored Wine, could only not be born by two  Piedmontese DOC. Two young sommelier Federico Genta Ternavasio and Paolo Torretta that thanks to the advice of renowned oenologists, that operating internationally, realize the greatest desire of every lover of good wine; create their own wine “made to measure”, as if it were a suit. A unique project of its kind where the customer is personally involved in every phase of the production cycle of the wine; from the choice of grape varieties and terroir, to the cellar techniques and characteristics of aging, up to the customization of the final packaging. This thanks with a team of internationally renowned oenologists, ready to provide professional advice, in order to get a product that really meets your preferences. We interviewed the two entrepreneurs on the topic at their favorite, the wine of course.

First memory linked to wine.
P: My mom it has always been a big drinker and I always saw the wine at my house.
F: My great-uncle, now ninety, that bottle the wine.

When is born the passion for wine?
P: In the past few years.
F: There has always been an affinity. over the years I followed several courses and I became a sommelier.

The best and the worst experience related to wine.
P: One June day in the vineyards of Bolgheri in the company of Michele Satta, which told me the story of each rows of grapevines. We have Finished the day in front of a bottle of ” I Castagni” under an arbor with a vineyard views and sunset on Tuscan Archipelago.
F: I have a vivid memory of a tasting of “Barolo” in which I had the good fortune to participate in London, where I tasted wines of some of of the best producers of exceptional vintages, even going back 40 years…. simply amazing ! I’ve had bad experiences only few times. However I still remember with some bitterness a dinner at my house in the countryside near Turin, with a few friends and some of my family members. I had in mind to drink special bottles of Barolo, and pulled them out from the cellar in advance. The shopping grocery for dinner was already been made, and it was only to withdraw. During the afternoon I went for a ride in the Langhe , delegating (alas) the withdrawal. When I returned at dinner time I discovered that the menu had been changed due to a problem, with the grocery shopping, and that the two bottles that I had chosen had been used to cook a risotto and a brasato at Barolo. I admit that I was angry.I have almost not touched food for the disappointment!

Best wine.
P : More than the wine, the memory linked to an evening or a situation.
F: Those still to try.

Favourite combination food & wine.
P: In terms of pairings, although I’M officially sommelier, I feel quite anarchic. I like to change to searching new streets in search of particular sensations, definitely unforgettable the freshly caught sea urchins along with a Vermentino di Gallura. One thing that I’m testing lately is the pizza with buffalo mozzarella and Franciacorta Blanc de Blanc, maybe aged in wood. To try!
F: I’m not a fundamentalist of the pairing food and wine and I’m always ready to try new combinations. I must admit, however, my passion for meat, and then the combination that really gives me satisfaction and undoubtedly very classic, and it represented by a thread to the blood grilled paired with a full bodied red wine and structured.

Favourite vineyards.
P: Nebbiolo.
F: San Giovese.

The more precious wine bottle that you own.
P: Barolo.
F: Sassicaia, Barolo.

The restaurant with the best wine list.
P: In Milan, Osteria Grand Hotel.
F: It’s very difficult to answer this question. the scenery in our industry  not only Italian but world is constantly changing and so for me it is very interesting to note and evaluate attention that the restaurant’s wine list gives to new geographic areas or new producers that stand out in areas already established. The wine is research and tale, and I think it’s very important to have the courage to bring inside the restaurants the realities little known, giving to the customer thrill of something new, as well as what and habitually is accustomed to choose from.

What is your favourite time for drink the wine?
P: From the aperitif time.
F: From the aperitif time and never after dinner.

The preferred partner for drink.
P: My friend Alberto Saracca, his family has been producing wine.
F: My sister.

If you were forced to drink only one type of wine for all the life would….
P : Hard question! I have so many different wines of the heart. But If I were to drink the same wine for a lifetime I’m sure that it should be a unforgettable wine, something that send me feelings.. and then it should be a Barolo!
F: It depends. If I were to drink wine at lunch and dinner every day certainly I would opt for a wine for me, simple and straightforward, as a Grignolino, a Dolcetto or a Lambrusco, if I were forced to drink instead once a month I would go certainly on the highest quality wines from particular years, for a moment of pure “ecstasy” every 30 days!

If you were a wine.
P : Very nice question! A cut of Bordolese . Let’s say 85 % of Cabernet Sauvignon , which gives structure and alcohol and 15% Merlot, which instead gives softness and elegance. Aging in French oak barrels for a minimum of 4 years. A complex wine, which it turns out slowly once opened.
F: I would like without a doubt to be a particular wine, to discover, not too well known and at the same time not too challenging. I would like to be a fresh wine, versatile and easy to drink that you can also drink every day!

A wine as a gift.
P: Barbaresco Gaja.
F: Sassicaia.

Favourite wine for the aperitif.
P: White Friulian.
F: Rosé.

Which wine you’d customize?
P: A cut to “Bordolese”… in Piedmont, the home of the monovines! Heresy, perhaps ..
F: Surely I would opt for a blend, of the Tuscan area of Bolgheri, a “cut” that has always fascinated me, and that give results really incredible in the scenery oenological worldwide.

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