Wine Questionnaire

The world of wine seen by Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas, the founders and owners of Caudalie, beauty cult brand.

Everything is born from the sentence of Professor Vercauteren, one of the world specialists of polyphenols. It was 1993 and in the vineyards of Châteaux Smith Haut Lafitte, the family estate of Mathilde Thomas, was held the ritual of harvest. The Professor Vercauteren, who at the time was conducting an anti-aging research had found that grape seeds contain polyphenols (10,000 times more powerful than vitamin E) and warned the couple that it was a shame to waste the scraps of the harvest, valuable allies in the fight against free radicals. For Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas was a light so much that they decided to embark on a new business venture with Caudalie, while remaining within the wine but becoming pioneers of wine therapy applied in the field of beauty. Today Caudalie is one of the most successful brands of recent years, with 11 mono brands boutique, more than 11,000 points of sale and 7 spas, the shelters of excellence for those who love the precious nectar of the gods.

When is born the passion for wine?
Mathilde: In 1990 when my family took over Chateaux Smith Haut Lafitte wine estate.
Bertrand: When Mathilde’s parents purchased Smith Haut Lafitte.

Remember at what age did you tried for the first time the wine?
Mathilde: I was 14.
Bertrand: When I was a little boy my parents would serve me cider.

Red or white?
Mathilde: Red. Always. It’s healthier, rich in polyphenols.
Bertrand: Red.

Still or sparkling?
Mathilde and Bertrand: Still.

The best and the worst experience related to wine?
Mathilde: The best experience is wine tasting in Bordeaux and “Vertical” tasting dinners with friends.
Bertrand: The best experience was at our wedding. We served the 1970 and 1971 Magnum, the years we were both born, and we drank with our friends and family. The worst is probably when I have to drink other wines other than Smith Haut Lafitte! Just kidding.

Best Wine.
Mathilde: Smith Haut Lafitte Red, 1961.
Bertrand: Yquem 1983 that Mathilde and I drank at Chateaux Yquem with the wine maker.

Favourite combination: food and wine.
Mathilde: Smith Haut Lafitte Red, 2009 and comte cheese on a baguette.
Bertrand: Any wine with comte cheese.

Favourite vineyards.
Mathilde: Smith Haut Lafitte!
Bertrand: Well, Smith Haut Lafitte of course!

The more precious bottle that you own.
Mathilde and Bertrand: Smith Haut Lafitte 1878

The restaurant with the best wine list.
Mathilde: Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux
Bertrand: Rouge.

Favorite partner for drink wine.
Mathilde and Bertrand: My husband Bertrand/wife Mathilde, friends and family at the Chateaux. Blind wine tastings are always fun.

If you were forced to drink only one type of wine for all the life would be…
Mathilde and Bertrand: Smith Haut Lafitte.

If you were a wine…
Mathilde: Smith Haut Laffite Red. It has the elegance of cabernet and glamour of merlot.
Bertrand: Petrus, Red Wine – Bold, Well Balanced, Rare, outstanding.

Favourite wine for aperitif.
Mathilde: Smith Haut Lafitte White 2010.
Bertrand: The Italian Sauternes. It’s sweet liquor.

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