Alison Lou & the emojis jewelry

Emojis have become a influential part of our texting and social media culture, so much so that they’ve translated into fun jewelry line: Alison Lou




Alison Chemla has the sense of business in her DNA her father, Alexandre Chemla, founded the billion-dollar luxury-travel empire Altour, her sister, Alexandra, she developed ArtBinder, a digital app that is revolutionizing the way galleries show their inventory. With a background in art history and cybergraphics, Alison honed her craft at the House of Waris and Finn Jewelry. Soon after debuted with her collection of witty and intellectual fine jewelry: Alison Lou, only two years ago, and now is one of the most hot name in the scene, with many celebrities that wear her creations, like Rihanna. Alison Chemla has always enjoy expressing herself through images using emoticons, most recently emojis, and she’s turned this digital forms of expression into Alison Lou, her killer jewelry line, that is sold in the most important shops of the world. The prices start from $220 for a single earring till around $4.000. All the jewelry are made of gold with emanel or diamonds.

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