Bespoke eyewear: last luxury

The bespoke eyewear of Ozona: for those looking for the perfect frame…


Are you looking for the perfect frame? One that not only enhances your face but it reflects your personality? We advise you to make an appointment with the couturier glasses Sandro Gonnella, owner of the brand Ozona®, which produces bespoke glasses, unique artisanal eyewear, handmade in Italy, in a laboratory in the heart of Perugia and where each frame is one of a kind bespoke. Sandro Gonnella the designer, before embarking on this project collaborated with most important eyewear companies. He began to design eyeglasses at the Marcolin company, in Belluno, with whom he worked on items for famous brands such as Costume National, Mont Blanc, Dolce&Gabbana, etc. Then, he created a line of frames for Centrottica in Florence, which was presented in 2004 at the Mido (International exhibition of Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology) with great success. In 2005 he decided to produce his own creations giving them the brand Ozona, from “La zona O”, meaning the place where everything turns around, situated in front of one of the most beautiful and noble buildings of Perugia with an ancient well under it. Gonnella take measures and helps the customer to choose shapes and colors so that the glasses fit perfectly to the features. Every frames cannot be reproduced because they are fitted to the customer’s face, not only is the design of every single item exclusive, but also the way in which the material, colour and stones to be mounted are chosen and treated. Moreover, every customer request is satisfied and every article is guaranteed not be copied for anyone else. Sandro Gonnella chooses for his frames high quality italian acetate which give the frames a more natural feel extremely lightweight hypoallergenic extremely flexible and durable. Although he continuously seek materials that are innovative or unusual in the field of eyeware. For instance, one of his latest creations was an acetate, oak and silver frame, which was displayed at the ‘Alta Roma’ exhibition. In case the client is not able to visit the atelier in Italy the eyewear couturier will come to his residency to discuss personally the project, or in another case it is possible to arrange the meeting via Skype. Every single creation requires an average project time of 60 days. Alongside the bespoke eyeglasses and sunglasses frames Gonnella manufacture also a  collection of eyewear in limited editions.

Ozona®  Via Morone, 18 Perugia Tel: 0039 075 5732730 – Mob: 0039 338 9676939


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