Brand new: Joshua Sanders

A new brand specialized in luxury sneakers and  snapbacks. Behind Joshua Sanders a brand new designer.

Joshua Sanders is a new emerging name in fashion system. Born in NYC in 1986, Italian by adoption, his father was an antique dealer in Brooklyn and from him he got the passion for discovering. After the studies at the Parson School of Design in NYC he moved to Paris and start to be a consultant for some of the most important french brands such as Maje, Isabel Marant and Sandro. Last season Joshua has launched his own collection under his name: Joshua Sanders. The concept is: Street Couture, that crosses and connects couture to the street, combining italian luxury with a cosmopolitan view of fashion.  The result is a collection of classic and still modern shoes matched with fancy baseball hats all made in Italy. You can buy them in several boutiques all over the world, or on the e-shopping section of his website.

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