Gabriela Artigas: the power of simplicity

Clean and pure forms for the new jewelry brand Gabriela Artigas


A brand new jewelry brand made in Los Angeles behind two sisters: Gabriela and Teresita Artigas. Growing up in Mexico City, the Artigas (which includes older brother Alejandro, a furniture designer) found themselves surrounded by many socially diverse and vibrant cultures. For the Artigas sisters everything begins and ends with family, they find joy and inspiration in the small details of everyday life: daily phone calls with their mother, who runs a national grief counseling organization in Mexico, babysitting their beloved nephew Oliver.

Gabriela is the creative minds behind the brand Gabriela Artigas, and her design philosophy is the idea of contrasts, this love of the unpredictable finds its source in fond memories of their grandmother, an elegant dresser who would punctuate her classic style with a deep green emerald beetle ring. The clean lines of the precious and semi-precious jewelry also evoke the work of their grandfather, Francisco Artigas, one of the most well known modernist architects of Mexico.

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