Jewelry: the silver custom made by Nove25

High quality, excellent workmanship, attention to customer requirements, reasonable prices have made of Nove25 a phenomenon. The brand of silver jewelry, started quietly from Milan, he is ready to conquer the world through word of mouth …

From a small workshop in a few square meters to five stores (Milan, Rome, Como, Lugano, Ibiza) and corners in shopping temples. Nove25 is an Italian success story made of talent, passion, creativity and a desire to get involved, but mostly it is the emblem of the quality of Made in Italy. A line of silver jewelry who is loved from the protagonists of the Italian hip hop scene, rapper, football players, but at the same time by the young Milanese who flock to the shop at any time of year, and that in these days you will find patiently in line, outside the store for Christmas shopping.  Because Nove25 it is “the place”  to make a gift or to do to oneself; prices are affordable, the quality is high, the choice is wide (thin bangles, loved by young girls and ladies, rings for all tastes). Because Nove25 it is “the place”  to make a gift or to do to oneself; prices are affordable, the quality is high, the choice is wide (thin bangles, loved by young girls and ladies, rings for all tastes). There is also a capsule collection in collaboration with designers, tattoo artists and Italian artists, and for those who are never satisfied there is “custom” service, or the ability to transform an idea in a jewel. But let’s find out more about the world of Nove25 with its creator Roberto Dibenedetto.

How is born the passion for the world of jewelry? By chance, I started wearing a classic silver chain bracelet when I was 15, over the years I have bought silver jewelry, with the time it was necessary to have different pieces but I could not find on the market .

How is begun the experience in this area? Passion and the encounter with my first partner, son of a famous sculptor, thanks to him I learned the rudiments of the art of  jewelery. Together in 2003 we opened a store in Milan, in Via Solferino, but the image of the jewelry It was too distant from me, too conceptual. I wanted something more wearable and also connected to some of my passions; music, tattoos, for example, so in 2005 I created Nove25.

What is the material of choice of your jewelry? We work mainly with silver 925% and semiprecious stones.

What is the first piece that you have created for Nove25? The signature ring with the initials, when exploded the tattoo trend with the gothic characters.

What has made the difference? From the beginning we focused on customer requests, even the most weird, we are specializing in the personalization, real pieces made to measure.

How does it work the customization? Generally clients send us a design and we transform it into a jewel, currently the demand is very strong on the rings, it takes three to four weeks starting from the customer’s specifications.

How important is the “custom made” on your sales? 50%.

What are your best sellers among the jewelry? The signature ring, with stones, engraving, or letters.

Where are made the jewelry? They are 100% made in Italy, the jewels are worked by goldsmiths of Valenza, Vicenza, Arezzo where concentrates the know of the industry. As for customizations everything is done in our laboratory in Milan, in the spaces close to our shop, via Ravizza 3.

What did you do to let you know the brand? We relied on the quality of our work, the rest did word of mouth, which has played a key role. A satisfied and enthusiastic customer is more effective than any promotional activity. Not to mention the enormous publicity that we received from social media thanks to the photos of famous fans of the brand who have posted pics in their profiles of our products.

Who are your customers? Women 60% between 15 and 25 years, but inside the store come people of all ages, especially for presents.

Besides Nove25 you have just launched a new brand that will appeal to dog owners…Yes, it’s called “Dog Fever” a line that comes from the passion for dogs. Rings, earrings, pendants, there is then the ring “embrace” that can be customized, playing with the glaze, reproducing the coat of your pets, you can choose between 40 different dog breeds. The idea is born to play but has enjoyed immediate success so we decided to create a new brand. We sell in Nordstrom, Isetan in Tokyo, Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles, 1000 Italian jewelers, and soon in America.

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