Made to measure: the best adresses in Rome

A guides tour of the capital’s made to measure master workshop, thanks to a valuable books

Rome, is the capital of ‘made to measure’ discovery where to find the best master workshop thank two books  “The women’s tailor-made guidebook” and “A men tailor-made guidebook“.  239 places in town where a man can order custom-made garments and accessories”  Palombi Editori (Info: ) edited by Andrea Spezzigu, marketing consultant of Altaroma, and Pascal Gautrandun, whose pages reveal a microcosm (over 200 addresses) of the excellence in craftsmanship found throughout the city. A valuable handbook of where to find tips on how to obtain the objects of your dreams, using appropriate terminology for each item, essential tips to help prepare you for your encounters with the wizards of bespoke. Illustrated pages, presented simply and concisely, on where to find every possible model of skirt, dress, blazer even collars, cuffs, and a variety of fabrics with all their appropriate names, the origins of wool, and their various treatments, heel forms and shapes, etc. With this handbook in toe, wandering through the streets of Rome will be more stimulating, as opposed to the classic architectural guided tour, one can choose an excursion in the world of made to measure.

How was the idea for a handbook like this born? From a reflection on the local manufacturing developed with Pascal Guatrand, which was struck by the richness of roman artisans who are still connected to a system of local manufacturing, often lost in the world of “ready-to-wear” standardized production. We started with a “Guidebook- to-measure – Roma” dedicated exclusively to the male universe. Subsequently, it seemed only natural to work on a second publication that treated the female wardrobe with the fine eye of someone on the hunt for clothes and accessories far from authentic. We gave visibility to the world of tailor shops, artisan boutiques, fashion houses, and luxurious brands capable of offering a large range of incredible products, whether completely handmade, partly handmade, custom made, or even personalized, all far from the concept of standardization.

The workshop that has a special place in your heart? This is really a very difficult question: each workshop has its own particulates, its excellence, regardless of whether we speak of workshops of the young, or workshops of talented designers. Perhaps for the exceptional location, I would say “Antica Manifattura Cappelli” (Via degli Scipioni, 46 Rome), a real monument to Italian craftsmanship, with a workshop full of ancient bust forms. Patrizia Fabri, the owner, carries out her work with great passion. It’s worth popping in.


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